What We Do

At Forever Design, we believe that the process of working with our clients is just as important as the final product: that perfect new living space. How are we different from the competition? We communicate! We never want our clients to feel left out of a decision or left in the dark about changes to a project timeline.

To make sure you get the high level of service you deserve, we walk all of our clients through a series of steps:

  • A full consultation about the space and its potential

  • A discussion of your wish list and expectations

  • A complete estimate, including expenses for labor and materials

  • A timeline with a range of dates and deadlines

  • A full menu of materials and finishes to choose from

  • Access to architects and designers to complete your vision

  • Consistent contact during the project to keep you updated on our progress from start to finish

Who We Are

About Forever Design

At Forever Design, our mission is simple: We want you to fall in love with your renovation – both the product and the process. We bring our extensive experience and unmatched communication skills to each and every project, and we stand by our work – always.

Are you ready to get started on building the project of your dreams? Get in touch with us today to obtain a free initial consultation from Forever Design.

Transform Your Space

Forever Design has been transforming Manhattan interiors since 1992. Like many master craftsmen, we started small and built our reputation brick by brick, one high-quality project at a time. When we started out in this industry, we didn’t advertise because we never needed to! One upscale project after another caught the eye of other design-savvy New Yorkers, and satisfied clients couldn’t stop talking about the smooth process of having Forever Renovation at the helm of their own remodeling projects.

While we still don’t need to advertise, over the years our clients have wondered why Forever Design feels like one of the best-kept secrets in Manhattan real estate. Are we the grand masters of an exclusive club?

Definitely not! We want to share our knowledge and expertise with you, so we’re glad you found us. Let us show you how Forever Design can get you the space you've always wanted, all while making the process as smooth as possible. With our commitment to timely and professional communication, your vision can and will be executed!